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Advertizing My Book

I got some great ideas the other day from Penguin’s author guide to publicity. Reading it has made me glad (again) that I decided to self-publish to start because if I had tried to submit to publishers and was successful, I would lose rights to my book AND be forced to promote my own book just as I am doing now anyway. I can see now why traditional publishing is losing to self-publishing.

Anyway! One of them was to advertize on craigslist, and I finally published a cragslist ad!

I thought about the Wikipedia and actually pulled up the page, but the formatting class you have to go through was too overwhelming for today. There is etiquitte and formatting tricks and a whole scary tutorial about how to do it right. I will, but not today. I have to build up my courage first.

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Ideas from Penguin Author’s Guide

I am in the middle of Penguin’s Author’s Guide to Marketing.

Here is the meat I got from it so far:
1. You need a web presence preferably before you release your book. (check!)
2. You can advertize your book on Craigslist.
3. You can place yourself on Wikipedia (Cool/Intimidating!)

Also, some techie advice from my techie husband: You can’t use the same information on all your submissions and profiles or you will be marked online and disqualified from notice. You can re-use your stuff but don’t make it just the same. Profile info should be a bit different for each profile unless they specifically ask that it be the same as your book. If you’re blogging, refer to one blog in the other, but don’t copy wword-for-word. Summarize and link to the original. Shoot, I have some work to do now.

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