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More Promotions!

A Promotional Tote for The Disenchanted Pet

Canvas Tote

This is a bag I made for the first person to post a review on Amazon for me! (Thanks again Allison!) The iron-on transfer didn’t work perfectly on canvas. I’m going to try to fill in the little gaps in the design and that should help. Those iron-on transfers aren’t as simple as the directions would lead you to believe.

I Heart My SaSa Tee

The Tee worked much better and cleaner. It seems this type of transfer was made for cotton tees. This was my alternate idea for the bags but my reviewer wanted the tote anyway.



Last is a bookmark I made with white ribbon and one of the test bits I printed to fill up the transfer sheet. It transferred fine but it affected the shape of the ribbon. I think I would like it better with bigger text and a vertical design. I will mess around with that later because this thing is a pain in the butt and took several hours. I think I bent my ironing board too.

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