What I Have and What I Need

I finally achieved more than 50 views today, and it’s only morning! Whose radar did I suddenly get on? Thanks, whoever you are!!

***Update! http://www.novelpublicity.com/ featured my article, Things I Thought Would Be Different About Self-Publishing on their Self-Published Author Daily! http://paper.li/novelpublicity/1296864766?#!stories Thanks for posting me!***

Book sales are not awesome and not improving. How do I fix it? The thing that I think will help launch my flightless book sales is to get a review on a review blog. I’m not sure how to accomplish that, though, because just emailing them my stuff hasn’t done it. I am careful to read all the blog submission requirements and everything, but no nibbles.

If any of my fellow bloggers would like to review my book, I’ll give you a free ebook copy! I’ll also review your book in return if you like. (Puppy Eyes)

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6 thoughts on “What I Have and What I Need

  1. Hi Kate, I will be happy to read and review anything for free, (but feedback is awesome) to help get the networking going. I like your tenacity.


  2. quillwielder

    I’ll review your book Kate. I love reviewing 🙂

    Also I’ve almost finished my feedback for your other book, just rereading one more time 😀

  3. ccyager

    Hi, Kate — recently you “liked” one of my blog posts at “Anatomy of Perceval” and I thought I’d give your blog a visit. Now, I’m intrigued with your book. I’d be willing to read it and review it at my blog, if you’d like. Please send PDF format to my blog’s contact e-mail.

    Up front warning: I only review things that I really like and I feel have merit on my blog. I love pushing things like that. If, for some reason, I decide not to review it at my blog, I will let you know and offer the option of my private feedback.


    • Thanks for your offer! I would love for you to review my book. I wasn’t able to reach your blog through your comment, though. I see your email that is attached to your Gravatar, but your site isn’t listed on there. Is the aol address the right one?

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