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PNWA: Connections and Reflections


I have been honored this weekend to participate in the PNWA Writer’s Conference, and let me tell you, it is an amazing experience! Never in my life have I attended an event where everyone there has something amazing in common with me, and where I can walk up to a total stranger and know exactly what to say with a guaranteed enthusiastic response. “Oh, I see by your nametag that you write Literary Fiction. What are you writing now? Are you pitching?” (If you don’t know about literary conferences, we pitch our books to agents, not baseballs.)

Hi to all my amazing new PNWA friends, and sorry/not sorry that I am here on the couch instead of driving down to SeaTac again to join you for the last day. I just exhausted myself and had to sleep in and sit at home on my couch instead of those chairs from hell. (Well, I guess they are not actually from hell unless you sit on them for almost 16 hours for multiple days.)

One important thing, though: I was astonished how many of my new writer friends had zero social media presence! As a self-published author, that seems like an impossible thing. But they don’t and it gave me an idea to resurrect my Author Services pages with some new options:

Twitter setup

Facebook setup for authors who “Don’t do Facebook” (This will offer and option with NO Facebook presence except related to books.)

WordPress blog setup

WordPress social media connection activation

BlogSpot social media connection activation

and more!

I will start on my page in Author Services after I have had my coffee with pricing and details. If I met you at PNWA I would love to trade services with you instead of charging you money!

Until my information is up, if you just can’t wait for my help, email me at katepolicani (at)



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Plug in to the Seattle writing scene: Part 1

Plug in to the Seattle writing scene: Part 1.

Here is the first of my “Plug into Seattle” series of articles on Examiner!

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Author Blog-in Day 1: Post Your Books

Have you posted yet? Don’t forget! If I don’t have your links, the others may not be able to find them. I don’t have everybody’s links, so be sure to get it to me somehow.

Interesting fact completely unrelated to the Author Blog-in: a few of you don’t show up on a search for your name. I’ts important to register your pages with search engines so you can be found by your fans.

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What I Have and What I Need

I finally achieved more than 50 views today, and it’s only morning! Whose radar did I suddenly get on? Thanks, whoever you are!!

***Update! featured my article, Things I Thought Would Be Different About Self-Publishing on their Self-Published Author Daily!!stories Thanks for posting me!***

Book sales are not awesome and not improving. How do I fix it? The thing that I think will help launch my flightless book sales is to get a review on a review blog. I’m not sure how to accomplish that, though, because just emailing them my stuff hasn’t done it. I am careful to read all the blog submission requirements and everything, but no nibbles.

If any of my fellow bloggers would like to review my book, I’ll give you a free ebook copy! I’ll also review your book in return if you like. (Puppy Eyes)

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A Couple of Quick Tips

In my search for free ways to get blog traffic, I found Networked Blogs ( my profile) and Technocrati ( At Networked Blogs, you set up a profile and prove that you are the owner of your blog. That didn’t work great for me, but it’s free. I found that one through a friend. At Technocrati, you just fill out the “join” information and input your blog and you are part of the network. You can even sign up to write for them.

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