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Awesome Indies Discovery 1 starts Friday

Please join us Friday for Awesome Indies Discovery 1! This Discovery is a special event for authors whose books have been certified by the Awesome Indies, a site dedicated to…read more

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Discovery 5 starts Friday

Discovery 5 starts Friday. Be sure to visit Discover Authors to see how you can participate!

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Awesome Indies Grand Opening Last Day!


Don’t miss out on the final day of the Awesome Indies Grand Opening Party! Win a free Kindle!

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Love Day Links

Love is about sharing, so I will!

Here are some gifts for you from other bloggers:

(And don’t forget to comment on my previous post for a gift from me!)


And here is some interesting reading to entertain you:

Are you in love with me yet?

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Holiday Blog Hop overall winners!


The 2012 Holiday Blog Hop WINNERS!

Kindle Fire: Erica Alyson (@Erica_Alyson)

Kindle Fire: Krystal Shannon (@KrystalShannon)

$25 Amazon Gift Card: Gale Nelson (@pgan427)

Signed Books: Sarah Miles 

eBooks: Linda Kwolek

Winners: please click on THIS LINK and send your mailing address or email (ebook and gift card) 


The 2012 Holiday Blog Hop is now over. 

On behalf of all of the contributing writers, we thank you for being a part of our blog hop.

From January 11-14th, we’ll be hosting another blog hop to celebrate New Year’s.

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Last Call!

All aboard! The giveaways will end at midnight, so if you wanted to catch one, don’t forget!

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