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Happy Birthday to ME

On my birthday, I like to give YOU a present! Hop on over to Amazon and pick up The Disenchanted Pet for FREE! Once you’re done reading it (and reviewing, hint, hint), go back to Amazon on February 28th and get Don’t Judge a Book By its Magic for 99 cents on Kindle Countdown Deal.

TDP cover new bDJABBIM Cover New

Also, starting today, you can hear all the shocking truths about my life on my new blog, Honest After Forty. At the official cusp of middle age, I have decided to grant myself the gift of frankness in rebellion of all the stupid conventions that prevent us from truly connecting with one another. I will write on this blog to tell you honestly about myself, you, our life, and our culture. Sometimes it will be funny, and sometimes it will embarrass you. It might make you angry. But it’s the truth. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Love Day Links

Love is about sharing, so I will!

Here are some gifts for you from other bloggers:

(And don’t forget to comment on my previous post for a gift from me!)


And here is some interesting reading to entertain you:

Are you in love with me yet?

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Happy Valentines Day!

I love readers!

Instead of some fattening chocolates or one of the standard cheesy, sappy cards, I’m going to give away five Smashwords coupons for all ebook formats of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic to random commenters on this post! If five or less post, you all get one!

Embellished 6 front

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Holiday Blog Hop Give First Winner!


Come join a party of talented Indie authors at the Holiday Blog Hop! You can win lots of great books and there will be tons of freebies.

Charity drawing winner!

Congratulations Gaele! You win the $25 Christmas Gift donation in your name to Orphan Relief and Rescue. Your name was chosen through I will email you for details on how to credit the donation.


Thank you to all the entrants! For as long as the Christmas gifts are collected through ORR’s website for this Christmas, if you give a $25 Christmas gift of your own on the site and then forward your confirmation email to me at katepolicani @, I’ll reply with coupons for all my books free from Smashwords in all ebook formats, no expiration date. (Please delete the private information in the email first!)

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