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Surfin’ the Tag

Lets see how many different ways I can present the term “Tag Surfing” before repeating myself… a fun list of questions to ask yourself about your characters to enrich their descriptions an eye-popping analysis of Greg on Amazon’s condemnation of all indie authors. had a button for and I signed up too. More free publicity can’t hurt. Click my blogsurfer button!

It lists blogs every few seconds and every time you click, my blog goes to the top.

I also have to mention the cool trick I learned that I have been using like crazy. When you accidentally close a tab in Internet Explorer that you regret, push CTRL, ALT, T and it will pop back up again! Righteous!

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Marketing on Amazon by Brian Kittrell

I just breezed through the short but sweet ebook Marketing on Amazon by Brian Kittrell. Most of it is stuff I have already read before and posted here, but there were two good nuggets in there I haven’t heard of before.

The first is Tagging on Amazon. Here is the link about that and how to do it. Writers will want all their friends to tag their books.

The second is yet another place to get your book reviewed, but this one looks like a biggie: “The Midwest Book Review is an organization of volunteers committed to promoting literacy, library usage, and small press publishing.” You can also ask them to add your website to their site network.

If you want to read the book yourself, go to

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More Promotions!

A Promotional Tote for The Disenchanted Pet

Canvas Tote

This is a bag I made for the first person to post a review on Amazon for me! (Thanks again Allison!) The iron-on transfer didn’t work perfectly on canvas. I’m going to try to fill in the little gaps in the design and that should help. Those iron-on transfers aren’t as simple as the directions would lead you to believe.

I Heart My SaSa Tee

The Tee worked much better and cleaner. It seems this type of transfer was made for cotton tees. This was my alternate idea for the bags but my reviewer wanted the tote anyway.



Last is a bookmark I made with white ribbon and one of the test bits I printed to fill up the transfer sheet. It transferred fine but it affected the shape of the ribbon. I think I would like it better with bigger text and a vertical design. I will mess around with that later because this thing is a pain in the butt and took several hours. I think I bent my ironing board too.

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Amazon is up! The Disenchanted Pet is in paperback!

Here is the link to The Disenchanted Pet in paperback on Amazon!

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The Disenchanted Pet in Paperback!

The Disenchanted Pet is now available on CreateSpace in Paperback form!

It will also be availble on Amazon in 3-5 days, if you prefer that!

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Loving Amazon Associates!

I have to say that Amazon Associates ROCKS! I get paid to advertise my own book, something I would be doing anyway. Anybody selling their own stuff on Amazon NEEDS to sign up with Amazon Associates. (They already have all your info anyway.)

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So my book is on Kindle and I’m waiting for the proofs of the print books from CreateSpace so I can approve them. Now I have to decide which review blogs to submit with, and when I want to add new venues for my book. I don’t love the reasearch part, especially when I feel like I already finished my goal. Self discipline is thin on a Monday morning with only 1.5 cups of coffe in me.

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The Disenchanted Pet is “In Review” on Amazon!

I’ve posted the Kindle version of my book, The Disenchanted Pet and it will be up in 24 hours! Only 99 cents! I love and believe in the 99 cent ebook.
Links to follow as soon as they exist!

There was a lot of formatting work and messing around, partly because I didn’t know what I was doing. I downloaded the KindleGen converter and the Kindle Previewer, messed with those endlessly, and finally was happy with it. Then I discovered a button below the file upload section that said “preview submission”. DUR!

Now to screw up in the CreateSpace submission process…

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The Marketing Idea

I got the decals and tried them out! What do you think?

I heart My SaSaI got the decals for my inkjet printer from Office Depot. It was kind of a pain to get them because they were out of stock in most of the stores in my area. They also don’t always print the first time and simulate a paper jam, ruining the first half-inch of the paper. Blue ink for the words did not work well.

My plan is to give these to anyone who reviews my book on Amazon and emails me with their Amazon name (so I can read their review) and address to send to.

I also got some iron-on transfer for cloth also, and I’m not sure what to make out of them except T-shirts. A book bag maybe? Bookmarks would be cool too.

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