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New Review: The Wrong Stuff

The Wrong Stuff

K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 2

By M.T. McGuire

Genre: Humor, Science Fiction, Adventure

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Knight in less than shining armour seeks polish.

The Pan of Hamgee has escaped from police custody in K’Barth, switched realities and saved the woman of his dreams from Lord Vernon, but now they are both on the run.

To save her life, The Pan must introduce Ruth, the woman of his dreams, to the person prophesied to be the man of hers. And he knows he must do it fast – before Lord Vernon finds her. But, the gentleman in question is in hiding and no-one knows where. Only The Pan can find him, if he can bring himself to unite them.

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About the author:

Hello there, I’m M T McGuire. I grew up half way up a down but now I live in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk with my family and a huge, hairy cat called Chewbacca.

I write humorous fantasy fiction. If I came to stay at your house, I’d be the one who checks the wardrobe in your spare room for a gateway to Narnia. That’s probably all you need to know about me really.

If you’ve read my writing, thank you, I hope you enjoyed it.

If you like my stuff you can keep up to date at and I’m MTMcGuireauthor on twitter.

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New Review: The Ball Washer


The Ball Washer

by Lance Manion

Genre: Adult, Humor, Short Story Anthology

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An interesting short story has to be equal parts confession, exultation and suicide note. The writer has to be arrogant and insecure, brimming with joy and despair, able to see hope and hopelessness in everything and, before he can claim to be honest, has to be comfortable lying his ass off.

This newest collection of Lance Manion short stories strives for all of the above and is sure to include something to entertain, inspire and offend everyone. His writing has been called demented, hilarious, quirky and well outside the mainstream. The author guarantees that if this isn’t the best book you’ve ever read he will send you a sincere apology along with a short explanation of why sometimes it is necessary to exaggerate claims about how good a book is in order to have someone download it.

Funny, and at times thought-provoking, “The Ball Washer” is definitely not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.

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Lance Manion

About the Author:

Lance Manion is the author of five short story collections. He contributes to many online flash fiction sites and blogs daily on his eponymous website. He finds the na at the end of banana as annoying as you would if it were bananana.

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Writer's Quirk 5

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Who could?

Writer's Quirk 4

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Notable tendencies

Writer's Quirk 3

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Only writers know…

Writer's Quirk 2

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Writers are unique because:

Writer's Quirk 1

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Share if you can read this!

A little silly for your Friday:

Share if you can read

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Take a deep…

breath breathe

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New Review: Few Are Chosen by M.T. McGuire

Few Are Chosen

by M.T. McGuire

Genre: Fantasy, Humor

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The Pan of Hamgee isn’t paranoid. There must be some people in K’Barth who aren’t out to get him it’s just that, right now, he’s not sure where they are. His family are dead, his existence is treason and he does the only thing he can to survive — getaway driving.

As if being on the run isn’t bad enough, when he finds a magic thimble and decides to keep it, he unwittingly sets himself on a collision course with Lord Vernon, K’Barth’s despot ruler.

Unwillingly The Pan is forced to make choices and stand up for his beliefs, beliefs he never knew he had until they were challenged. But when he is faced with a stark moral dilemma will his new found integrity stick? Can he stop running?

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Don’t lose your cool


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Stop Apostrophe and Quotation Mark Abuse


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I know you heard me the first time


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More nagging

Bossy Big Sis Than Then

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Serious Humor

Wha? Serious Humor sounds like an oxymoron. Well, it is, but it’s also a legitimate technique that I love to use.

Serious humor is mostly situational. A character is engaging in activities that are not humorous, but something occurs to make them humorous, or the nature of the scene makes it funny. I used this type of humor a lot in How to Win Friends and Influence Magicians. You get all the laughs of a joke without ruining the serious messages of your book.


‘“Really?” I scolded the nearest building, showing it my most fierce expression of reproach. “Is this how you’re going to do it?” The building tried to pretend it didn’t hear me. I turned to a building on the other side that I know was in on the whole thing too. “Are you serious?” I demanded of the building. “Are you honestly going to set up some hocus-pocus barrier to keep me in like a trapped rat?” The building looked belligerent, knowing it was guilty. But it didn’t apologize. So I yelled at it for a while, though it didn’t help me get out.’

Everyone has yelled an inanimate objects. The character is serious and angry, but the situation is funny. Serious humor!

Another example would be a group of characters following another character in secret. The purpose is serious and the characters are serious about it, but you can make it really funny as they try not to get caught and have to react to the movements of the one they are following.

Face it, life is hilarious. If it doesn’t make you laugh, it makes you crazy. So laugh! It costs less than institutional care.

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