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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Book: A Hole in the Pavement by Tahlia Newland

Guest Book: A Hole in the Pavement by Tahlia Newland

Genre: Short Story, Fantasy

See my review of A Hole in the Pavement and the other short stories in the collection, A Matter of Perception here:


Every morning, Norris watches his goddess walk to the bus stop in front of him, the gap between them far wider than the physical distance. This morning, she stumbles. He wants to run and help her, but finds himself stuck in a hole that appeared along with his self doubt. By the time he gets out, she’s long gone. He vows that if it happens again, he won’t hesitate, but when she falls the next day, he has more than just his own hole to deal with. Can he find his heroic self before she walks away?

 This heart warming, humorous and profound magical realism short story (5000 words) is a readers’ favourite from ‘A Matter of Perception,’ a collection of short stories by Tahlia Newland.

Author Bio

Tahlia writes fantasy and magical realism for adults & young adults that challenges readers to contemplate the nature of reality, mind and perception. She has studied philosophy & meditation for many years and is an avid reader, an extremely casual high school teacher, and an occasional mask-maker. After creating and performing in Visual Theatre shows for 20 years, she is now a bone-fide expatriate of the performing arts. She lives in an Australian rainforest, is married with a teenage daughter and love cats, but she doesn’t have one because they eat native birds.


A Hole in the Pavement is an ebook available on Amazon and Smashwords. It’s also one of the stories in ‘A Matter of Perception’ and it’s free if you sign up for Tahlia’s newsletter on her website.

Tahlia’s website

Facebook page 


Goodreads page

An interview about A Hole in the Pavement

Where did you get the inspiration for your characters?

Norris is based on a really lovely student that I taught once. He was extremely bright, well organised, always neat and well presented, very shy and the sweetest person you could imagine. Everyone loved him, but his shyness was a handicap when it came to relationships. When I wrote Norris, I had the warmth in my heart that I always got when I thought of this person. His smile was a blessing to all who saw it.

What does the symbolism of the deep holes mean in your life?

The holes Norris and Georgia fall into represent their emotional holes, the ones we habitually fall into.  It’s dark and muddy in those holes and falling into them make us miserable and holds us back from doing what we want to do. We often don’t realise that we make them ourselves and that we can get ourselves out, and better still, that once we are aware of them, we can avoid falling in at all.

I really liked the chemistry between Georgia and Norris! Do you have any plans to give them their own story?

I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll let the idea percolate and if an idea for where the story could go pops up, I’ll definitely consider it. I really enjoyed writing this and the other magical realism story in ‘A Matter of Perception’ – my collection of short stories – so I’m writing more in that style, presently a YA novella with a bullying theme.

Why did you publish a single short story?

Single shorts, as I call them, are tailor made for busy people, perfect for reading in those in between times, like when you’re waiting for the rest of the family to sit down and watch a movie with you, or you’re waiting for an appointment, or you’ve just finished a novel and aren’t quite ready to dive into another one. They’re also a really good way to taste an author’s style because they’re cheap and don’t require a big time commitment.

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Artist: Chris Barker

Guest Artist: Chris Barker

In the interest of nepotism and free photographic materials, I’ve included my dad, Chris Barker in my party! He really deserves recognition as an artist too. He took my fabulous cover photos (both of them) for The Lustre and he composed the music for the trailer for The Disenchanted Pet! He is multi-talented!

I met Chris Barker shortly after birth and have been enjoying his creative efforts more or less since then. His “super-runs” and crazy driving habits were especially appreciated in my early years. Lately, since he hasn’t been plagued with providing for and then entertaining children, he has taken to photography. He’s quite awesome!

An online resume of Chris Barker’s music is here: (The Lustre Video Trailer music is the clip “Messages – trying to remember what happy was like”.)

You can see much of Chris Barker’s other non-cover-art photos on

Here are a few of his pics:

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Host Blog: J.R. Jones, pagesunforgotten

Host Blog: J. R. Jones, pagesunforgotten

Thanks to J. R. for the support of my new book with your blog post! Read it here:

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Book: The Queen and the Handyman

Guest book: The Queen and the Handyman

by Maria Tatham

Far away in the Eastern Wilds, where there was a power that sought to unmake the will and feed on the mind of a man, a king fell in single combat with a powerful sorcerer. Angels descended to claim the king’s soul. The sorcerer despised them, the heaven from which they came, and God himself. The king’s wife, the mother of his small daughter, though far from him in the west of the kingdom, felt his pangs and knew he had died. She and the child lived on as if in a happy lie…

Marta Happstein has been lied to her entire life. She thought her father, the king of Zuphof, died a hero. When she finds out that he disappeared in the untamed kingdom ruled by Alexander Drugen, she is consumed with the desire to seek the truth. In the dark of night, unbeknownst to family or friends, Marta sets out on her quest—accompanied only by the castle’s handyman, Trimble. As the two face daunting challenges, Marta begins to wonder if Trimble is really more than he seems to be.

Amid fairies, dragons, and dark magic, will Marta learn the truth? Or will the evil Drugen end her life and Trimble’s before she gets the chance?

Read my brand new review of The Queen and the Handyman at

Or you can just buy it!

Maria’s Blog:

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Artist Feature : Megan Michaelis

Guest Artist: Megan Michaelis

It was a sunny, balmy, breezy August day when my family and I met Megan Michaelis. The Ballard Locks was the location of our family portrait session, with a few author photos slipped in! She blended right into the crazy, party attitude that my three monkeys…er…children always have, especially in parks and in front of cameras. She took no offence that Mira wouldn’t make any nice faces, only silly ones. She got Caius-the-serious to smile naturally a few times! It didn’t phase her when Corbin suddenly decided his portion of the photo session was OVER. She captured my handsome hubby’s nurturing side and also managed to make me look good! The beautiful pictures she took were an amazing value for a family with a crazy novelist mother paying for editing and stuff!

Megan is an engineer by day and a photographer nights and weekends. She started taking pictures when she got a good camera so she could take better photos while hiking, backpacking and traveling. Over the past two years that has evolved into a love for photographing PEOPLE. Everything she knows is self-taught. When people ask her how she learned about photography, she tells them “I read a few books and took a LOT of pictures!!”

Want to know more? Visit her site!

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Host Blog: CynnerJane

Host Blog: CynnerJane

My Bestest Buddy, Cynthia, who left my house an hour ago, just posted her host post!

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Editor Feature: Kathleen Firstenberg

Editor Feature: Kathleen Firstenberg

Kathleen Firstenberg is the illustrious editor of The Lustre! I met her long ago when our kids were teeny and running around getting in trouble at Mom’s group. She has since moved away from Seattle to California, but thanks to the glorious internet it made almost no difference where editing was concerned.

Kathleen has been editing for 8 years and earned a University of Washington Extension Editing Certificate in 2009. She has written and edited accreditation documents and manuals, and edited content for and the Mars Hill Ballard blog. She has beautified writing of all kinds from  term papers, resumes, a policy and procedure manual to the parenting book Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life  in addition to her fabulous work on The Lustre.

Her thoughts on her career: “I like to edit all kinds of writing, from instruction manuals to novels. I love that I learn a little bit about a wide variety of subjects, such as education, theology, sociology, the medical industry, parenting, mythical creatures, etc. (This is one of the best things about being a freelancer…I know a little about a lot, haha!)”

Kathleen enjoys reading, traveling, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with friends and family. She lives with her husband and two children in Newport Beach, California. (I can also always get her to forward snarky photos on Facebook about grammar and the English language!)

For more information and to hire her (hypnotic suggestion), visit her site!

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Host Blog and Review: Kateschannel

Host Blog and Review: kateschannel

Visit Kate’s post with review, comment and win!

Thank you, Kate, for your super-awesome review!!!

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Host Blog: Kathleen Firstenberg

Host Blog

Visit Kathleen’s blog, comment, and win!

Also here in her wonderful review!

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The Lustre Virtual Launch Party: Host Blogs

Host Blogs

Come visit these blogs for more party fun! Remember, I’m giving away a free copy of my book to one lucky Human who comments on these blogs!

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Virtual Launch Party for The Lustre

Come on in! Welcome to the Virtual Launch Party for my newest book, The Lustre! I’ll be posting all day for the Virtual Launch Party, so watch for lots of great book promotion fun.

Info on all the participants and prizes can be found here:

Don’t miss out on my free ebooks and print book giveaways!

  1. One winner will come from new followers today and current followers who comment on any post today with “The Lustre Virtual Launch Party” banner before March 17th.
  2. One winner will come from comments on other blog hosts’ posts.
  3. One winner will come from new “Likes” for The Lustre on Facebook:
  4. One winner will be the person with my favorite comment on any blog post with “The Lustre Virtual Launch Party” banner.
  5. One winner will come from new fans on Goodreads March 15th-17th.
  6. One winner will come from all new adds on LibraryThing March 15th-17th.
  7. One winner will come from all new twitter followers March 15th-17th. @KPtwitrnovel
  8. One winner will be my random surprise pick of my choosing.

These 8 will win a free ebook on Smashwords and of these eight, three will be randomly chosen to receive a free print copy!

One fortunate blogger will win a copy of The Queen and the Handyman by Maria Tatham. She gets to pick that winner!

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Party Decorations Are Ready!

I’ve completed and sent out all the tools for my blogger pals to join the party! I have a banner, a party badge, and a book cover picture. For content, I have synopses of the book, an author bio, and some interview questions I’ve answered. I have been thinking about providing a special excerpt too.

If you are participating haven’t gotten your email for the blog postings, please let me know so I be sure they get to you!

If you want to participate, email me or reply to this post to join in!

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Some ‘Splainin To Do

So what is this Virtual Launch Party thing, Kate?

Why, I’m glad you asked! I’ll get into detail:

If you have hosted a blog tour before, it is very similar to that only a shorter time frame and not as wide a range (because I can’t afford to pay to have that done right now.)

I will be posting all day with lots of juicy things: Of course, I’ll be advertising my new book. The Pre-reviewers will all be featured when they post their reviews. I’m also posting “Guest Books” by authors I know in person or online. This means I just introduce another book in a post during the party. I’ll have posts linking reviews of the “Guest Books” too. I have a few “Guest Artist” features where I’ll tell about an artist and post some images of their work–So far I have my author image photographer and my cover artists for The Disenchanted Pet. I’ll post about the editor of the book, and some others. I’ll also be having giveaways. I’ll give away several ebooks and some print books, including one print copy of a “Guest Book”.

If you are interested in participating, what I ask from you is for you to post on your site about the book, whatever you’d like be it a review or one of the post materials I supply, along with the pretty party banner. I also provide a “Party Badge” to put up too if you like that kind of thing. If you’d like to be featured, I need the pictures and descriptive content about what you’d like to share. For artists, etc. I need a little bio information and a sample of your work to feature. For “Guest Books” I need all the info you would provide for me to advertise your book on my site. That includes links and pictures and stuff. If you have a giveaway such as a coupon or freebies, I’ll need to know that too. I understand that giveaways give you lots of attention for your services or books.

If any of this appeals to you, please let me know because there is plenty of room on the internet for any size of party we want!

All the people involved so far and the giveaways are listed on the Party Construction Page here:

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You’re Invited!

This is your official invitation! Be sure to drop by the site on these dates for lots of great book release fun! I still have room for guest bloggers, guest books, pre-reviews (you’ll have to be a fast reader) and guest artists.

Please reply to the email or this post to get listed! The current list of participants can be seen on the post site!

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Sign Up to Join The Lustre’s Launch Party!

Visit my Party Construction page to sign up for all the fun at my launch party!

I’ll be featuring Pre-reviews, guest books that are in-genre, other blogs hosting the party too! Your suggestions are welcome!

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