The Lustre Virtual Launch Party Guest Book: The Queen and the Handyman

Guest book: The Queen and the Handyman

by Maria Tatham

Far away in the Eastern Wilds, where there was a power that sought to unmake the will and feed on the mind of a man, a king fell in single combat with a powerful sorcerer. Angels descended to claim the king’s soul. The sorcerer despised them, the heaven from which they came, and God himself. The king’s wife, the mother of his small daughter, though far from him in the west of the kingdom, felt his pangs and knew he had died. She and the child lived on as if in a happy lie…

Marta Happstein has been lied to her entire life. She thought her father, the king of Zuphof, died a hero. When she finds out that he disappeared in the untamed kingdom ruled by Alexander Drugen, she is consumed with the desire to seek the truth. In the dark of night, unbeknownst to family or friends, Marta sets out on her quest—accompanied only by the castle’s handyman, Trimble. As the two face daunting challenges, Marta begins to wonder if Trimble is really more than he seems to be.

Amid fairies, dragons, and dark magic, will Marta learn the truth? Or will the evil Drugen end her life and Trimble’s before she gets the chance?

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