Author Blog-in: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

(Book 1 of The Convergence series)

By Kate Policani

Genre: Fantasy

Mark the date on your calendar for Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic’s Virtual Release Party Oct 26th-28th!

Guest spots available! Please email katepolicani(at) to join the party as a guest!


Here is what my editor Kathleen Firstenberg has to say about my upcoming book:

A review by the Bookworm Extraordinaire:


I’m a normal girl. I am. I love shoes, fragranced body care, and hair products. I love all the chick flicks that have come out in the theaters in the last 2 years (and a lot of the old ones) and I obsess about my wardrobe.  I respond positively to most of the marketing directed at females in my age group.

My name is Colleen Underhill, and the only abnormal thing about me is that I just discovered I am, or I transformed into, a magician; not the disappearing bunny kind, but the power-shooting-out-of-your-hands kind of magician.

My problem now is that I do NOT believe in magic. Well, I believe in it. I have seen it shoot out of my own hands, but I oppose it in a moral sense; no hexes, no spells, no incantations, no potions, no amulets, no tomes, no casting circles, no eye of newt, none of that. I have to be very clear because people pressure me about it. Whatever they say about “how it’s done,” this is a morality issue for me and I will not cave in to their pressure.

But what do I do now?

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic on Goodreads:

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8 thoughts on “Author Blog-in: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

  1. I am ready to leave a review all over the place. 🙂

    • Kate Policani

      Woohoo! Thank you! Goodreads has a page already but the rest of the sites have to have it published before reviews can go up. Please post during the Virtual Release Party so you can share in the party!

  2. Posted to my blog! Also on my facebook page, twitter, and google plus!

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