For love of the story: Why I can’t get enough

I just love the stories! I’m not too picky about genre as long as the writing is passable. But why?

  1. I love looking inside people’s heads. Yes, it’s creepy but you know you do too. (And I don’t mean the X-rated stuff. That kind of thing is so overdone.) What a person says and does reveals a lot, but what they care enough about to put on paper is something else. The ideas are refined and thought-out, and they are something important. They may not be 100% honest, but they are usually sincere. Some writers don’t even write based on their conscious thoughts!
  2. People are unique. Duh, Kate. Of course they are. But…it’s fascinating. Nobody will do exactly the same thing as I would in a certain situation, and I want to see what they think they would do in a situation. I compare it to what I would have done and what makes a good story. (Those are often different.) I like fiction, in particular, because it is entirely from the author’s head with maybe just a reference to reality. I can really see the author’s point of view from that angle.
  3. It inspires me. I think of it as “input” that fuels my “output” of my own writing. There is a mystery balance there that I have to maintain. Hearing others’ stories, real or fiction, fuels up my writing batteries for later. I get ideas of things to do and to avoid.

Why do you love stories?

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4 thoughts on “For love of the story: Why I can’t get enough

  1. Kate – I share the love of ‘the story.’ This is a terrific thought provoking post. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there.

  2. Wow, Kate. Do we have a week or so to discuss why we love stories and how they keep us spellbound for any number of reasons. I love to learn how characters treat situations the authors set up for them and how they tackle problems head-on or does the character need a little help. I’m always looking for the angst factor. I also read for the sheer pleasure of the story–to walk into someone else’s life and take up residence for the length of the book. Then, I often read a book I want to write a review on – but I’m a reviewer that prefers to review books of my own selection – reading and the stories that come with the act of reading is a great way for me to relax – and a great story can do just that. I can’t imagine not having a book or three available for reading at all times. Of course my TBR stack had to be turned into my TBR room.

    • Kate Policani

      Great reasons, Sheri! I love Kindle and other ebook formats because you can have a “room” full of books with no dusting!

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