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Trailer video: How to Win Friends and Influence Magicians

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The Candle Lighter Award

The Candle Lighter Award

Originator, Believe Anyway

          Special thanks to Maria Tatham for awarding me the Candle Lighter Award! I am honored and so glad that my blog has lit up the web for you! The Candle Lighter Award originated from the blog, Believe Anyway.

Quotes from the site:

“I call my award The Candle Lighter Award. It is for blogs and bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog.”

“I think people that are going through the efforts to be positive and make the world better through their efforts and blogs deserve to be recognized. I am always looking for encouragement and ‘light’. I want my faith, my optimism, and my love for life to help to set the world ablaze.”

I’m passing along this award to:

Angela Fish, the Caffinated Autism Mom is a dear friend from College, my “secret sister” (go Barkers!) and a fabulous mom with two amazing boys struggling with the challenges of autism. Angela takes her challenges with humor and valor, trusting God to work out the details. She uses her site to raise awareness and aid other moms struggling with the same challenges.


Laura Pfundt, the Quillwielder is a web-friend from the other side of the world, who fills her blog with interesting and helpful info for writers. I don’t know what her faith is, but she definitely makes the web brighter with her supportive and welcoming attitude! Not only does she spread light with her blog, but she has taken it off-blog too. She has given me a fantastic critique for The Lustre which has given me almost double the word count and made my writing doubly good! Thanks again, Laura!

Congratulations, Angela and Laura, for lighting candles! Enjoy your award and pass it along to sites you admire.

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