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A new Amputeddy book – FREE

Amputedd makes a choice ebook cover

This spring, I was honored to work with my son’s teacher, Ms. Jamie Davidson, and his 3rd Grade class. First, I read them the Amputeddy books, and later, thanks to their inspiration, I wrote a new book!

We were all so excited about the book that we decided the class should illustrate a special edition of the book. This is our work together. They chose the title and each child illustrated a page of the book.

This was a wonderful project and a beautiful experience for all of us and I hope you will download and read my book with their fantastic art! Don’t forget to read our special message to all amputees. We took special care to write it from the bottom of our hearts.

Click here to read more about the Amputeddy books and download the book for free!

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Amputeddy Goes Back to School by Jean Boelter and Kate Policani

In 2005 I co-wrote a series of three books with my dear Aunt Jean. (We children in the family all called her Mimi.) Since their first publication, Mimi has passed away due to cancer.

These books were her creation to accompany her Amputeddy bears. I was honored to help her write and format the books for the appropriate age group.

Amputeddy Goes Back to School

by Jean Boelter and Kate Policani

Illustrated by Marta Creswell

Amputeddy is a little bear who has just recovered from an accident in which he lost his leg. This is his first day back at school! Join him in his fears and triumphs as he learns that he can still be a regular bear, just like everyone else.

Purchase paperback here (Available now!)

FREE ebook in all formats!


For Nook

Buy it on Amazon

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Amputeddy Meets Nubby Bear by Jean Boelter and Kate Policani

Amputeddy Meets Nubby Bear

By Jean Boelter and Kate Policani

Illustrated by Marta Creswell

The second book in the Amputeddy series is here! This book explores the life and trials of children with amputations as well as the differences between arm and leg amputations and prostheses. I’m so glad to be able to make the ebook free and donate any proceeds from the print book to the Amputeddy program at Harborview Medical Center.

Download the free ebook here:

Buy the print book here: Coming soon!

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Amputeddy paperback is live!

The first  Amputeddy paperback is now live on CreateSpace! It will be up on Amazon soon too.

The ebook is free still on Smashwords

Please email me for a coupon for the paperback book at cost. This isn’t for everybody–just friends and family or people who have a good use for the books. The proceeds for the sale of this and the other two upcoming books will go to the Amputeddy project at Harborview Medical Center.

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Amputeddy! What’s that?

Were you wondering about that word at the top of my page?

Amputeddy is a creation of Jean Boelter and myself from way back in 1988. I made a bear for her with a left-leg amputation like hers. Yes, my aunt Jean lost her leg to a tumor when she was just five years old. The idea took off as she showed her bear to her other amputee friends. We devised the name together and then she began looking in to manufacturing the bears. At first they were all hand-sewn by family members.

In 2005 I co-wrote three books with my dear aunt Jean. These were designed to go with the bears and be another, less expensive way to help children with amputations come to terms with their new challenges, and also help children to relate to adults in their lives with amputations. These bears and the books have really made a big difference in people’s lives.

Aunt Jean passed away in 2010 from cancer. She is missed very much by many people. I dedicated my first book to her, and modeled a character after her in my next book.

I’m reprinting the Amputeddy books (now that I know how to do that)! It is a slow process, since the original files seem to have been lost. I am scanning them in one page at a time and learning how to format a picture book on CreateSpace and in ebook form. 

I have a CreateSpace link, though it isn’t yet active, and some more information here:

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