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Amputeddy Goes Back to School by Jean Boelter and Kate Policani

In 2005 I co-wrote a series of three books with my dear Aunt Jean. (We children in the family all called her Mimi.) Since their first publication, Mimi has passed away due to cancer.

These books were her creation to accompany her Amputeddy bears. I was honored to help her write and format the books for the appropriate age group.

Amputeddy Goes Back to School

by Jean Boelter and Kate Policani

Illustrated by Marta Creswell

Amputeddy is a little bear who has just recovered from an accident in which he lost his leg. This is his first day back at school! Join him in his fears and triumphs as he learns that he can still be a regular bear, just like everyone else.

Purchase paperback here (Available now!)

FREE ebook in all formats!


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Final Amputeddy Book Now Available!

The final Amputeddy book in the three book series is ready for FREE in all ebook formats!

The Createspace paperback copy is awaiting review and I’ll post when it’s up for sale!

For more info on the other books visit here:

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Amputeddy Meets Nubby Bear In Paperback!

You can now buy Amputeddy Meets Nubby Bear in paperback here:

It will be available at Amazon soon, and the ebook is free here:

But you can buy it for $0.99 for Kindle too.

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Amputeddy paperback is live!

The first  Amputeddy paperback is now live on CreateSpace! It will be up on Amazon soon too.

The ebook is free still on Smashwords

Please email me for a coupon for the paperback book at cost. This isn’t for everybody–just friends and family or people who have a good use for the books. The proceeds for the sale of this and the other two upcoming books will go to the Amputeddy project at Harborview Medical Center.

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