My New Favorite Earrings!

I had one of those ideas that hit you right while you are trying to go to sleep, only this time it wasn’t for writing. It was for promotion! What do you think? I hope they’ll be conversation-starters. I may try making them with some other media too because it was so much fun making them!

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4 thoughts on “My New Favorite Earrings!

  1. quillwielder

    They look really cool. Love them.

  2. You are funny.
    I think your SaSa will be pleased.

    • Thanks! This project was part of a late-night idea barrage that kept me up way too late. I ended up taking notes in the bathroom (for light but not waking hubby) on a drawing one of my kids put in my nightstand. I’m putting a notepad on the bedside table now and looking for one of those pens that lights up.

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