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New Review: Many-Coloured Realm by Anne Hamilton

Many-Coloured Realm

by Anne Hamilton

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Children’s

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1 nice girl

2 bad boys

3 tortuous tasks

4 strange ambassadors…

after that, it’s hard to keep count. Dozens of elves, hundreds of goblins, legions of demons — all converging on the colourless world ruled by the goblin king. Can Robby and Chris discover the goblin king’s name and rescue Stephen before time runs out? The goblin king’s eyes narrowed into almond slits. ‘No, it’s not Rumplestiltzskin.’ He drew himself up and scowled. ‘Why does everyone say that?’ A starlit fantasy for young adults, blended with science fiction and written in numerical literary style, Many-Coloured Realm falls somewhere in between those fabulous Lewises: Lewis Carroll and CS Lewis. Expect the unexpected!

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