Summer Shake-up Title 4: Underground Ring by M. M. Reid

I’m ransacking my own book review list this summer and bumping up some of the most interesting-looking titles! The fourth book in my Summer Shakeup is:

Underground Ring by M. M. Reid. Stories of the monster within seem to be all the rage these days. This one looks wild!


“One day I would be the greatest monster the world had ever seen. I
would be the one standing and watching as flames levelled the country’s
largest city. But it wasn’t always like this…”

His childhood home destroyed and in search of vengeance, teenage
Augrais struggles to master his new supernatural abilities and fight
against a powerful demon who is hunting him, and his friends. When he
becomes more powerful than anyone imagined, his lust for revenge
propels Augrais down a dark path that threatens to swallow up not only his
humanity, but the world itself.

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