Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (by a compulsive reader)

So, I don’t normally do product reviews, but I have to say something about this little beauty. I LOVE it!

I bought it at Best Buy as a replacement for my Toshiba Thrive 10″ tablet that one of my kids cracked. Going in, I was worried that the Galaxy wouldn’t match up to my 10 inch experience. But the 7 inch was cheaper and seemed to be pretty nice. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!

The 7 inch is definitely enough screen size for me. I use it mostly for reading, with some email and gaming. I lost absolutely nothing with the smaller screen. It’s so much lighter and easier to handle than the massive 10 inch! Also, it’s covered with shatterproof plastic instead of glass (so it won’t meet the same fate as its predecessor) and it is HD.

It’s responsive. I see very few crashes. The 8gb internal SD, which is all you can get with this size, isn’t a restriction. I have all the apps I could want on it and some that belong to my hubby, and I haven’t seen any space issues. I put in a 32gb mini SD card, the maximum, and I don’t see myself running out of space any time soon. The 10 inch models can get 16 and 32 gb capacity. I don’t really see why the 7 inch can’t since the cards are all the same size. Meh.

The only thing I’ve found that the Thrive did better was the keyboard input. The Galaxy is just as responsive, but with the smaller screen size the buttons for each character are smaller and cause more mistypes. (Stupid big European-size fingers!)

Super-bonus-important: I can get every ebook reader app out there on my tab. Overdrive, Kobo, Kindle, Wattpad, Nook, Aldiko, and more all works and you can read all your books no matter where you got them. This is a must for a habitual price-shopper like me.

I almost forgot to mention that you can also read manga on a tablet! There’s even an app for you comic book lovers. Something for everyone!

I really loved my Toshiba Thrive, but I love the Galaxy even more! If you’re looking for an e-reader, I’d consider the Galaxy tab.

I wonder what name they’re going to pick for the Android platform next. Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich; what’s next? Diabetes?

Here’s the official website:

Here are a few other reviews:

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