Things That Upset Authors

I’ve finally plugged into a few online author communities. It took me awhile, but I’m part of the conversation now. During my forays, I’ve noticed that there are some things that really infuriate authors.

  1. Traditional Publishing: For some it’s not just a preference, it’s an ideological cause. They are convinced that traditional publishing is a rip-off, unfair to authors, biased, and illogical. They might be right…  ,
  1. Self-publishing: Other authors who have gone the traditional route feel that the flood of self-published authors are an epidemic designed to kill the book industry. You ruin your potential career if you self-publish. You self-publish because you’re not good enough for the “real” way. You ruin things for the “real” authors with all your sub-par books. ,
  1. Free ebooks: Yes, there are a lot of authors out there of both persuasions who firmly believe that free ebooks are ruining their opportunity to be a raging success. I have heard them mitch and boan about free ebooks and how awful they are, and how all authors should just stop it. Y’all know how I feel about free ebooks. What about you?
  2. Paid Book Reviews: I have to agree with this one. There are people to whom you can pay a fee and they will write a glowing report about your book, whether or not it’s any good. Now if you write utter drivel, this is good news. But it doesn’t help you to become a better author. There is no shame in writing at the level you can achieve. There is shame in pretending your writing is better than it is. ,
  3. Spamming: Another downer I’m totally against is the author spammers. These darlings post about their book everywhere and anywhere they go, pelting you with it like monkey poo. No matter the posted question, completely disregarding the posting rules, they spammity-spam. The grim fact is that they hurt their sales this way. If you authors want to know about my books, I’ve made sure it’s darn easy to find out. If not, then you can enjoy my enthusiastic contributions to the writers’ community with no advertising included. I know some of you are going to disagree and include a mention and link to your book… ,
  4. Trashing Others to Boost Yourself: Face it, people do it. The thing is that it doesn’t help them at all. It’s just petty. Don’t, OK. Don’t. Save it for reality TV.
  5. Social Media and Book Sales Sites That Change the Rules: Whether by straight policy or software changes that edge out what you want displayed, all authors can agree that having your book disappear is frustrating. Nuff said.
  6. Adverbs: (Stephen King hates them.) Other writing elements of all kinds get the stinkeye along with “Said bookisms”, passive verbs, and all manner of other language.  ,
  7. Whining:  Whatever you dislike, many authors really, really hate when you whine about it.

Are there any things I forgot to list that you hate?

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4 thoughts on “Things That Upset Authors

  1. Author Kristen Lamb

    Thanks for the shout-out. It is so depressing sometimes that we have to talk about manners so much. Sigh. But here’s to keeping the faith ;).

  2. Excellent, Kate! What fun to read. You help keep me informed.

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