Author Blog-in Final Day! Bloodgifted by Tima Maria

Blood-gifted – Book 1 of the Dantonville Legacy

What if it were possible for someone – say a woman – to possess an extremely rare gene that drastically reduced her rate of age-ing? That having reached her 50th year, she looked no older than a 25 year old?
Isn’t that the stuff of fantasy!
Imagine the scramble among cosmetic companies and biochemists to try and obtain even a spit’s worth of that person’s DNA and then somehow creating a lotion which every woman in the world would kill to get hold of!
No more botox, no more laser treatments, no more pins and tucks, just smear it on and enjoy extended youthful looks for decades.

But, what if it came with a catch? An extremely frightening and inconceivably unbelievable one?
Everything comes with a price. As they say, there’s no such thing a as free lunch.

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3 thoughts on “Author Blog-in Final Day! Bloodgifted by Tima Maria

  1. Thank you, Kate, for this great opportunity. I’ve had a lot of page views on my blog as a result.

    • I’m so glad to work with all you awesome authors! I got a lot of page views and some new followers too. I’ve made it a policy to be sure to follow everyone who likes or comments (unless they are a company) and have connected with a lot of cool cats that way!

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