I Love Writers!

Dear Writers,

I love you. Yes, you writers, you! I love you! I love the published authors and the indie authors. I love the authors who are waiting to publish. I love the writers who haven’t finished their books. I love the writers who aspire to write a book but haven’t done it yet. I love the poets who encapsulate the world in a few lines. I love the bloggers who capture their life one post at a time.

I do. I love you. When you write well, your stories expand my world. When you write badly, your mistakes are like my own. They caution me to be diligent and never stop striving to express myself better. When you burst your story out into the world under your own power, you are valiant. When you patiently wait, submitting your work and shaking off rejection, you are powerful. When you wrestle with your words and battle them for days, weeks, months, years, you are wise.

Thank you for your stories and for bearing your hearts to the world!

Happy Valentines Day!


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12 thoughts on “I Love Writers!

  1. Thank you. I kinda like you too. 🙂

    Marie Marshall

  2. Tyler Rudd Hall

    I’m a writer who married a writer so it’s safe to say I love writers as well.

  3. I’m feeeeling the LOVE. Thaaank you! And happy VALENTINE’S day to you my dear! ❤

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kate, the writer! From all of us, thank you for your encouraging gift!

  5. Very nicely written. And, Thank You for writing it.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Kate, this is so cute and sweet. Very kind of you to love all authors out there.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Writers deserve the love! I just wish everybody loved the writers more! You guys rock!

  8. What a beatiful post. I could not have said it better myself. You just expanded my world.

  9. I absolutely loved this, made me smile. Great post lady.

  10. Great post. You made my day. Wish I’d read it sooner. 🙂

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