Book review: Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life by Nadia Riell

This isn’t one from my list. It is a book newly available by my dear friend! See my review on

Living life whether you’re growing up, already gown up or also in the role of parenting, is certainly not a perfect science. There isn’t a “one size fits all” formula to follow in order to achieve success or happiness, yet most of us want to achieve them.

So begins this intentionally compact collection that mirrors the short conversations and simple words that can inspire our lives, from children to adults. As love, friendship, choices and experiences we face impact our world, they are also thought provoking in how we view the world and see ourselves in it.
Refreshing like a quick hug, smile or a pat on the back, this book offers encouragement and joy for reaching potential through life’s lessons, hopes and dreams.

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Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life is available in ebook and paperback form:

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2 thoughts on “Book review: Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life by Nadia Riell

  1. Hi Kate! I’m thrilled you thought so much of my book as to give it such a welcome review! Thank you for taking your time to give your thoughts to readers.~ Nadia

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