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Researching My Book Launch: The Lustre

This is my second time around launching an indie book, and I think I’m an expert at getting the attention of the people I know and selling 5 copies. Check. Now I want to do better. I figured that all of you want to do better too, so I’m going to share my research in how to improve my launch of The Lustre over my tentative and virtually silent release of The Disenchanted Pet.

My new technique for transmitting my nuggets of knowledge-y goodness to you is to take my notes right here in an “Add New Post” form. If I don’t, I lose track of some of the nuggets and then I’m sad for you, not seeing them.

So: Launching an Indie book:

Mirika Cornelius (awesome name–writing it in my names collection!) has some nuggets in her article at

  • Throw a Book Release Party. Due to my and my friends complete inability to handle anything outside the kids and family, and the lameness of our parties to anyone but a parent, this may have to happen virtually instead of physically. I have to think about how to do this.
  • Attend Book Festivals.  I didn’t know those existed! I am going to have to look into this too. I don’t think it will happen soon. Maybe when Corbin starts school.
  • The other two were a media announcement and a speaking engagement. I don’t think either of these is going to happen. I wouldn’t know where to start. This isn’t Podunk, Iowa, folks. I live in Seattle, a huge city filled with talented people. I don’t see myself getting past the receptionist.

Get Published TV has a five minute video at That suggests a webinar virtual launch through a site like You can get all the benefit of a launch party but without the expenses. The webinar is usually recordable and with some sites they could be free. Essentially this is what he said in the video, with some elaboration about phone launches (huh?). The virtual launch is a great idea for international audiences. If you want to watch the whole video, start at 1:45 on the progress bar unless you want to hear all about the new microphone.

Now I will rant for a moment about web videos. They are popular, I know. But I don’t like them. I can learn what they say in moments by reading an article. Somehow many of the video hosts manage to talk for 10 minutes about three sentences of content. That’s why I always look for the article. Frequently articles ramble too, but you can skim those more quickly than a video and not miss important content. Rant over.

Susan C. Daffron had my favorite article on She was against the webinar and especially the Amazon Bestseller Campaigns, which she feels are dishonest. Her plan is this:

  1. Pick a date and plan some bonuses (items to give as promotions like free copies).
  2. Contact people to review and endorse your book. Free copies are the norm.
  3. Ask for bonuses from your reviewers/endorsers. This publicity goes to them too.
  4. Create a bonus “page” where you can direct people who buy the book to get the promotions.
  5. Ask endorsers to share your launch info.
  6. Launch your book through your contacts, on your site, and through social media on the launch date

After I read this article I focused on the “virtual book launch” for my search.

Of course, I found something interesting and off-topic

Ok, now I’ll get back to the point.

A confusing post, but with some good ideas was I won’t say anything about what was wrong. (Shaking my head.)

What I got from it was to create a party site, promote it with an evite (good idea) and launch on date in this order: Press release, Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, e-mail, ask the forum to pass it on.

“Party favors” suggested are: music, video, interview by author, book interview guests, gifts, contest for prizes, book excerpts, chats with the author, guest books, book reviews.


Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor has an exhaustive timeline for Published authors. I copied the last month into my One Note for future reference.

That is all for now. I have to let this simmer for a bit. I’ll post my actual plan when I work it out. I was looking for a checklist of do’s and don’ts, but didn’t find anything like it. Any suggestions?

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