The Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour


Today I’m joining the The Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour, hosted by the Awesome Indies. From the 27th to the 30th September you’ll have the chance to pick up some special offers or win some awesome prizes at all the blogs participating in the tour, including mine.

Why is it called the Magical Mystery Tour? Because it highlights the magical and mysterious qualities of some of the books listed on the Awesome Indies. Also, there’s  a chapter of a mystery at each blog, and a tour for you to take and read the full story. Inside the scenes you will find the key you need to enter the Giveaway for an  Amazon gift card. (First prize is a $25 card, second prize is $15 and third prizes is a $10 card.)

All you have to do is start at the Awesome Indies, follow the links from blog to blog, read the story and pick up the clue to the mystery key to enter the draw when you get back to the Awesome Indies. While you’re at each blog, read about the author’s book and enter their giveaway or pick up their special offer.

If you haven’t started the tour, pop over to the Awesome Indies and start now:

If you’re on the Magical Mystery Tour already, then read on …

My tour book: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

Embellished 6 front

Unknown mysteries reveal themselves when Colleen Underhill steps outside the boundaries of normality in Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic. At first she thinks she has lost her mind, but before too long, explanations find her. Her heart and her imagined future remains in her old life, but her new abilities bar her from it when everything she thought she understood turns upside-down. Colleen plunges into a world of different perception and a hyper-awareness of the connections between herself and the world around her.

The supernatural forces of The Convergence series evolved from loose interpretations of physics and String Theory. Although I’m not a big physics buff, my hubby is passionate about it. His enthusiastic explanation amazing physics ideas, combined with viewing a few episodes of NOVA, gave birth to Teimnydd, Tximar, and the Txenarjuma, the magic of The Convergence series. String theory, Quantum Field Theory, “pocket dimensions”, and even ley line energy found no safety from my wild transformation into Paranormal Fiction.

The final magic of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic is the magic of love. Colleen will get a bigger dose of it than she suspects in the book and also later in the series.

For you:

Enter the coupon code QQ86D for a 99 cent copy of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic! (Coupon expires Oct 1st.)


For every book you purchase by the authors of the Magical Mystery tour, you will get an additional entry for the Grand Prize! Read the details on the Awesome Indies site.

And the story continues …

Ghost Town Scene 3

by Kate Policani:

Pam had just about finished wiping down all the tables when she noticed Addie sitting in the corner table with that fancy phone of hers. All day she spent on that little blinky thing, half the time plugged into the wall because the batteries wore out. Her face looked like a dead person’s when she stared at it. They’d done her nothing but good bringing her out here to a place with no “wifi” or “coverage,” whatever that was.

“Addie, honey, is everything OK? Can I get you a sammich or a coke?”

“No, Pam, thanks,” she replied.

The little snot! If she knew any manners, she’d call her “Aunt Pam,” proper like. But Pam reminded herself that she wasn’t there to raise the girl, just keep her out of trouble for a bit, so she took a deep breath and changed the subject.

“I was talking with one of them campers. They found a hair comb at the old station. That’s city folks, always poking around where they don’t belong.”

“Mm, yeah. That’s kind of cool,” Addie replied, only half-listening.

“Did you hear about it, Walter?” Pam asked.

“Don’t you be hanging around them, Pam, Addie honey. You hear? In fact, I don’t want them in my establishment.”

“Nonsense!” Pam interrupted. “Walter, you know we can’t afford to turn away anyone who wants to pay us good money!”

“But those folks are trouble! Mark my words, bad things will come from them!”

Walter seemed unusually worked up and it struck Pam as odd. She noticed Addie studying him too. That girl, for all her time lost in that little phone, seemed to notice a lot. Maybe more than the rest of them…

“We’ll serve them with a smile whether they are talking about hair combs or what-have-you, unless you want to close this place and go home and starve,” Pam said, and rightly. Folks like them hadn’t the luxury to be picky.

“We don’t need that kind of…” he began, but Pam gave him her sharp look and he stopped. “You’ll see, all of you. No good can come of this.” He wandered away muttering to himself.

“Why’s Walter so worked up about that hair thingy? It’s not like they found something weird or supernatural,” said Addie.

“I don’t know, sweetie, but you’d best steer clear of them city folks. We don’t know anything about them.”

3 of spades

Now click through to the next blog for the next part of the story and another special offer or give away. Don’t forget to find what you need to work out  the key to the big draw. Good luck! 

The next part: S.M. Boyce’s blog

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7 thoughts on “The Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour

  1. Great stuff. best wishes on the tour, Kate.

  2. The plot thickens…
    What a great idea!

  3. Great blog, Kate!

  4. I’m enjoying the story.

  5. chrislon

    The mystery increases. I can’t wait to find out what happens!

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