New Review: Ping Ping Panda and the Power of Personal Responsibility

Ping Ping Panda and the Power of Personal Responsibility




Ping Ping Panda and the Power of Personal Responsibility

by Bernadette Shih & Stephen Smoke

Genre: Children, Folk Tale

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Synopsis: When Ping Ping spends all his money during one afternoon with his friends, the young panda’s father refuses to give him any more. 

“When I gave you money for the summer I told you it was your choice how you spent it.”

When Ping Ping’s friends hear about their friend’s money problems, they suggest that if Ping Ping’s father really loved him, he would give him more money.

The rest of the story is about how taking personal responsibility can provide more choices in your life, even if it doesn’t always seem like it at the time.

At its core, Ping Ping Panda is a story of a father’s love…and how it sometimes can be misunderstood.

Children’s author Bernadette Shih and novelist Stephen Smoke have collaborated with well-known illustrator Diane Lucas to create a timely parable that is as fun to read as it is enlightening.

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