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After some good feedback from some authors, I remixed my book covers. Visit my Flickr set to see what I’ve done, and please comment below on what you think of what I have so far. I would love some specific feedback! These are not finished yet, and I’d love advice on how to improve them.

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10 thoughts on “Book Cover Remix

  1. The new Lustre cover is nice but it’s a ‘pretty girl’, I don’t feel like there’s any of the darkness found in the book on the cover — unless that’s your intention. I definitely prefer the new ‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Magic’ covers especially the one here, the only thing I would say is that having the guy up front may make it appear as though he’s the star. ‘Horarium’ cover 2 is cool, with the hour glass just a faint image in the background – makes you look to see what it is. However, I don’t know what this one is about so not sure about the image used, except that it looks like some kind of love story. I love the image of the girl sitting on the floor for ‘The Disenchanted Pet’ it really speaks to me as it relates to what the story is about. However, if possible I’d blend the colours of the alien better with the floor or vice versa or, if that’s the colour of the alien, do something to make it look a little less than a graphic — if that’s the look you want to keep.

    These are definitely improvements, all the best with the ongoing work :).

  2. I like cover two of Don’t Judge a Book but I would go with fewer images in the window. Maybe keep the ball with hands. Or, have the girl, holding ball with her hands. Or, the boy holding ball with hands. But it seems crowded otherwise. I can’t offer feedback on Horarium because the covers are so different and I’m not picking up tone, genre, story, etc. from either cover.But if I go by look alone, I like the hourglass. It looks more intriguing and would make me turn the book over and read the back. Do you want all of your book covers to have people on them? On Disenchanted, I like the font on book cover one but prefer the look of cover two. I don’t understand the pink, streaming thing though and are we to assume on cover two that the pink thing or the girl is the pet? I think the pink thing but is there another way to visually represent the pet? I like cover two of the Lustre. But maybe using an L for lustre not an A unless A is the first letter of a main character name. Disclaimer: I tend to prefer covers without people so keep that in mind as you’re evaluating. Good luck.

  3. Hey Kate.
    I like the first ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ cover but I think the girl ahould be the main focus and not the boy as it is her story.
    I like the first Horarium with the faint hourglass.
    The diaenchanted pet. I live the girl on the floor but dont really like how pink the rest is. It makes it feel too cheery against the sad girl.

    I also have a quick question. Who is your editor? I’m looking to her my novel edited and search for the right editor at the right price.
    Oh and would you be avaliable to read through my novel like I did for you. Lol. I know it was ages ago but if you’re not to busy id love to hear your opinion.

    • Thanks for the input. That really helps. My editor is Kathleen Firstenberg and I absolutely love her work. She is detailed but doesn’t change your work and has a lot of great input. Her website is here I would LOVE to read your novel!!!!!

      • Thanks Kate. I’ll check her out.
        As for my novel. Would you like to get the whole thing? Or receive it in parts? Up to you. I’ll email it to you next week. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks Kate. I’ll check her out.
    As for my novel. Would you like to get the whole thing? Or receive it in parts? Up to you. I’ll email it to you next week. Thank you so much!

  5. I’ve updated the stream with two new variations. Tell me if they are an improvement.

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