Off With The Old, On With The New!

Author Blog-in

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Author Blog-in! I would like to invite you all to participate in its new form, Discover Authors. If you’ve participated before with the author blog-in, I welcome and encourage you to join in again to get all the benefits of Discover Authors.

The format is the same: Posting books in blog posts as a group to compound our audience. The rules are the same. Everything is still Free!

The benefits of the new format:

  • Permanent database of books by genre that is easy for readers to use
  • Featured listing of books for authors who promote the Discovery with higher ranking for more promotion
  • Free book listing of all free ebooks
  • Discover Authors Facebook page and Twitter account for added promotion
  • Convenient form for entry so you know just what I need to know from you
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