When I Just Can’t Write

There are those times when I just can’t write. I may even have great ideas in my head but they get stuck like the glue bottle with the big glue booger in it that won’t come out.

Reasons why I can’t write:

  • My head is too full
  • My head is empty
  • My life is too busy to stop and write
  • Not enough sleep

Ways to get myself started again:

  • Sleep (sometimes it’s not going to happen)
  • Wait until everything calms down
  • Squeeze in my writing anywhere I can – Evernote app is great for this
  • Read books, watch inspiring movies and TV, read manga (I think of it as recharging my writing batteries)
  • Get some time alone

Sometimes these still don’t work. What do you do?

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5 thoughts on “When I Just Can’t Write

  1. Kate, unless there is something urgent – urgently calling to be done, or someone who needs me right now, I just try to write anyway, despite feeling like I can’t. This might be likened to snipping off the narrow end of the glue bottle!
    This may not be helpful; I’m just returning to old advice: write anyway! It’s hard to believe that someone as disciplined, prolific, and productive as you has these moments, but you obviously do.
    I talk to the Lord, listen to fabulous music (for me these are incredibly helpful).
    Blessings to you, young Mother!!

  2. I hate days like this! It’s hard enough to find time to write and then to sit down and just stare at my computer screen is torture! I usually end up editing instead. Or I go read. Sleep does work wonders!

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