Virtual Release Party: The Terminology of the Convergence


At SPRU, Colleen learns some pretty crazy terms for amazing things she didn’t think existed.

Glossary of Terms

Mag-O – The nickname for Colleen’s Dorm

Skupdyn – A regular person, nonmagical

Sproo – A nickname for SPRU, Seattle Pacific Regional University

Teimnydduus – People who can manipulate Tximar and use it to manipulate Txen

Teimnydd – The Txenar of a Teimnyddus, used to manipulate the world around them

Txenarjuma – Tapestry of energy

Txenar – Energy thread

Tximarshu – River of life power

Tximar – Free-flowing life power

Tximonni – Life power fortune, a tendency for events to progress to benefit a Teimnydduus because of positive Teimnydd energy

Vrevzirma – Time Sight, the ability to see the future

Vrevzirmaocht – Time seer, one who has the ability to see the future

Vyxheuus – Pocket dimension, a small dimension outside our own

Vyxhepiocht – User of pocket dimension

Ysizao – Controlling spirit of unknown nature that responds to spells

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