Author Blog-in: The Truth about Dandelions

Author Blog-in

The Truth about Dandelions.

 Posted by hlinfield on October 12, 2012 at 7:05 AM

Today I would like to tell anyone who might be reading this blog about my recently released novel, The Truth about Dandelions.  I am an award winning author (recently taking first place in the Alice Munro Short Story Competition) with a long list of essay and short story publications.  This is my debut novel:

Mara isn’t a slut; she just can’t find what she wants. She wants to forget her mother’s death, her father’s hypocrisy, and the plane crash that follows her. As a child she couldn’t understand why the grass never got cut, and now as she gropes her way through university life, all those weeds, those dandelions, have stayed with her, haunting her dreams.

She can’t see a way out of her dark hole until she gets hit by a car on an Ottawa street and starts spending time with Jack, the guy behind the wheel. Kind, thoughtful, and a virgin – he’s the last person she’d ever expected to fall for.

As she opens up to Jack, the wounds she’d been trying to ignore surface, and she’s forced to finally choose between running from or facing the past that’s been haunting her all her life. Through nights out looking for release to the ultimate event that forces her to face herself, Mara finally learns the truth about dandelions.

(cover design by David Morris Photography:

You will not like this book if:

– you hate classic literature, particularly Charlotte Bronte

– you hate Richard Dawkins or people who criticize organized religion

– you get uncomfortable hearing about the brutal side of life

You WILL like this book if:

– you like questioning why people act they way they do

– you can hold two opposing views in your mind at the same time and not explode

– you can watch a person make mistake after mistake and still give them another chance

You can read the first 10% of The Truth about Dandelions for free on Amazon (link below).

It is now on sale for 99 cents starting on October 15, but only until October 31.   DON’T WAIT!

Download your copy at:

And if you don’t already have an e-reader, join the 21st century and GET ONE!!

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