My Christmas Present to ME (and maybe you)!

First, don’t forget my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale coming up in 2 days! Get The Disenchanted Pet for free as an ebook or for cost as a print book!

The real post: Today my ereader is supposed to get here! My dear family, without any effort at all (or necessarily even knowing it), got me a lovely ereader for Christmas. Early. Don’t judge, people. This is how Mama gets what she wants for Christmas instead of a vacuum cleaner.

That was from Marc and the kids. For myself, I’m getting ebooks to read on my ereader! I’m getting YOUR ebooks. I’ll be combing through all the ebooks my followers have written and buying the ones that interest me. Then I’ll post reviews of them on my “Reviews” page, which I’ll probably have to refurbish to hold that many.

Yes, my present to me is also my present to you! But only if you are following my blog. If you have friends who want their books bought and reviewed on my site, be sure to get them to click that “Follow” button!

Normally I will not read thrillers or erotica. Sorry. But I am open to any interesting synopsis for any other genre. I’m pretty open to any good tale.

I reserve the right to skip the books that don’t appeal to me, and I will give an honest review. I’ll be sure to run it by you, though, before I post. I won’t post any reviews you don’t want me to post. Don’t worry!

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One thought on “My Christmas Present to ME (and maybe you)!

  1. Very cool, Kate! What kind did you get? If you like mysteries, you might like ‘taking 1960’, my first book. My second mystery is coming in a few months. 🙂

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