Contracts. EEK!

I know that they are necessary and good, but contracts scare me. There is so much in them and so much that could be hidden in there or left out when it is needed. Also your language could be less specific than it needs to be. Anyway I still do them because even though everybody is nice and reasonable, misunderstandings occur and contracts protect everybody.

When I wanted one for my cover artists so that we all could keep things clear, it was really really hard to find. I could find plenty of lawyer-ish blogs about how to write one, but I don’t know how to do that! I just wanted a sample form letter-type contract that I could adjust and print. I ended up finding one on another author’s site and re-writing it for my own purposes. Thank You, Brian King and Vajra Enterprises, for posting this for us, the unprepared and inexperienced. I took this (Copy, Paste) and pared it down, taking out his name and company name, removing the conditions that didn’t apply to me and my artists, and then putting in my own.

It is kind of amazing that it is SO hard to get a plain old hard copy of something. Email makes us lazy! Erik, one of the artist dynamic duo, came here to use our camera and we didn’t even remember about the contract. All the more reason to get together and grill!


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