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I Had to Link This Post!

I completely agree with Tahlia about the future of ebooks and print books, and had to share her thoughts with you whether “To Eread or Not To Eread“. Check it out!

I am a little irritated that the spellchecker still underlines ebook in red. Hasn’t it been out and used long enough to be included in the spelling database?

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I have to link to Quillwielder’s post on synopses! This is a vital part of a book and the hook that catches your readers.

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A Wealth of Information on SPR

My continuing search for resources for marketing brought me to SPR today! It is chock-full of self-publishing, writing, and marketing advice for self-publishing authors! I haven’t yet combed it thoroughly, but I can tell that it is going to be a huge help! Check it out!

Also–if you are a blogger with your own self-publishing story or site filled with advice, I’d love to link to your site. I will actually read your site and decide for myself whether it is link material or not, but I can’t link you if I don’t know you exist! You know you wanna comment…

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