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The Excitement Vibe


Is it just me or does everybody have this problem: When I get to the exciting part of the book, or am almost to the end, my whole family just seems to pick up on that vibe and decide it’s a great time to interrupt me a whole lot. It never fails! I constantly have to abandon my book right before the last page, or right at the greatest parts because that is when they all want something from me. Sometimes the phone even rings! Our new one-year-old pound puppy is especially sensitive to this and my screens are all smeared with slobber because of my exciting reading material.

My actual dog with her face on my laptop.

It also works with things that frustrate me. If I’m getting irked over a form or the bills, they all want to throw the slobbery tennis ball, tell me about something on TV or have a little snack. Sometimes it’s much worse.

If something is boring, I have a day of tranquility in which to handle it, but give me a little excitement and everybody picks up on the vibe. What is with that?

Not my actual baby, but so cute!

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