Join the Author Blog-In

Do you want a blog tour but don’t have $1000 to spare to buy one from a fancy company? Why don’t we make our own?!?! We’re all authors who have great books to share. Lets share them together!

The plan:

  1. First come – first served for slots in the blog-in. Email me at with the subject “Author Blog-in”.
  2. Everyone who signs up gets to join in, one book per Blog-in. (Lets set our maximum at 10 authors per blog-in so we aren’t posting into eternity.)
  3. Everyone gets one day on the Blog-in.
  4. All Groovy Cats (participants) in the Blog-in will post each day for all the other authors.
  5. All Groovy Cats will post on day 1 about their own book, including the Blog-in logo in their post.
  6. All Groovy Cats will re-blog the other authors’ first posts according to schedule on each successive day, which I will post on the Blog-in page at (Hint: You can schedule them all ahead of time on the proper days for less work If you do, please email me the post link when you schedule so you don’t forget!)
  7. Feel the love, man!
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4 thoughts on “Join the Author Blog-In

  1. Sounds great! I hope you’re still doing this next summer when my book’s released!

  2. That sounds great, Kate. I’d love to be in it, although I’d prefer to see how it’s done first. I’ve never done a blog tour & it’s all new to me.

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