New Review: Scars of a Survivor by Katherine Pearsall on Wattpad

I’d like to introduce Kathryn Pearsall and her short-story, Scars of a Survivor. My review is here:

Or read it here for free:

What is Wattpad? I’m figuring that some of you are wondering about it. I found Wattpad long ago while looking for free ebooks to read online.

Wattpad is a cool, free book site specifically for electronic devices. It is in a simple enough format for phones. I said this in a previous post, but I didn’t say that Wattpad writing is often done in a post-as-you-write format, entered in installments as you go. Also reading is free and posting is free!

(I posted a first installment of my own story up there in early March

If any other Wattpad authors would like a review, I’d be happy to read your writing. I’ll do a “mini review” and possibly feature a few stories per post.

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