Updating and Screwing Up

Oh the difference one dot can make. I left it out and now my update to The Disenchanted Pet on Kindle will list for $99 instead of $0.99. Where did that dot go? I have no idea. Now I am trolling the Kindle Direct website to catch it the moment I can change it.

If you were thinking of buying my book on Kindle, please don’t pay $99 for it (Haw Haw). I will fix it ASAP I promise!

If you bought my book for Kindle and couldn’t read the quote text from chapter 9, then I’ve fixed that. I hear there are some dropped words, and I’m not sure if they got deleted or if they were off the page or what. Frankly, I can’t force myself to sit down and read the whole book AGAIN to see.

Publishing on Kindle was amazingly easy and quick. I don’t feel like I can easily get answers to my specific questions, and the site does not make their help files obvious. I had better results “Googling” my question. Was it  better to create a “new” book labeled as a second edition or to upload a new file? I have no idea and Kindle Direct website did not have the answer in an obvious place. The forums are poorly labeled and not easy to analyze for the answer I want. But I’m a “wing-it” kind of gal anyway.

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