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Book Marketing Companies Update

I’ve been crazy busy lately! Sorry about the infrequent posts but I’m refinancing my house, doing taxes, enrolling kids in school, and other paperwork. Midwinter is also doing a number on my Coffee Equalization Coefficient. But here is an update on book promotion companies. I heard about a stinker recently and found some sites with personal testimonies, so I added those.

**These ratings for book marketing companies are all based strictly on customer experience and opinion. This is a running list and I will be happy to add other customer opinions of book marketing companies to this list. To include your ratings, please comment on this post or email me at katepolicani@gmail (dot) com.


Company Name Type of service Pass? Costs Comments
99 cent Network Listing Fail $45 No obvious return for money and no visibility of book on site. No answers to emails inquiring about where to find the book
AtoMr Book Blog Tours Tours, Book Buzz Pass $99 Did ” an awesome job” “super happy with the results” “booked blogs that get awesome traffic and have a lot of avid readers”
Archway Publishing Self-publishing, marketing, bookselling/promotion services     See author Solutions
AuthorHouse Self-publishing, marketing, bookselling/promotion services     See Author Solutions
Author Solutions Self-publishing, marketing, bookselling/promotion services Fail   Additonal names: Trafford Publishing, AuthorHouse, iUniverse Inc., Xlibris,

Ripoff Report

“I simply cannot get anyone to respond to my e-mails on a book I am publishing with the company. The company says my book has already gone on sale, though they are obligated to provide me with a sizeable number of free books for my book launch – they have not and are not responding to e-mails….”

Bewitch-ing Blog Tours Tours Fail   “half the people who signed up didn’t post and only 3 did reviews even though it was supposed to be 15”
Book-Daily Listing Fail $49 “amount of sales doesn’t seem to be worth cost”
Book-Whirl SCAM Fail    Scam Report Another Scam Report
Goddess Fish Promos Tour Reviews Neut. $30 “didn’t break even” but supplied publicity
Inno-vative Online Book Tours / Reading Addiction Tours,  Amazon Reviews Fail $100 “A big flop, didn’t follow through as they had promised” “Three blogs didn’t post at all. The ones

who did post had very low followings, and NONE of them posted their review on amazon. Lame excuses from staff.” Bloggers posted ebook giveaway when customer didn’t offer them/wrong day. The ones who did post the correct giveaway all posted separate rafflecopter forms, preventing a fair winner or forcing customer to send 20 prize packs

“Hasn’t given me any sales OR amazon reviews. Stay away from them.”

iUniverse Self-publishing, marketing, bookselling/promotion services     See Author Solutions
Kindle Daily Nation Listings Fail $160 “no results” (used to be great but saturated with too many books)
Kindle Promo Indie Book Listing Service Tweets Pass £15 “actively promotes books”
Nurture Your Books Tour, Promo, Nat. Press Release Fail $995 Paid for services and “nothing happened” Multiple calls and emails got no reponse. Emails to everyone in the company finally got a response and offer  of the book tour but couldn’t make the other person contact me. Customer resorted to refund through the credit card company.
Orange-berry Summer Splash Tour Tours TBA $25 Slots at tail end of month-long tour with 99 other authors, At least one event didn’t happen, never saw promised review, Orangeberry currently compensating author with discount second tour.
Partners in Crime Tours TBA    TBA
Pump Up Your Book Tours Fail   Ripoff Report
Promo. Book Tours Tours, Release parties Pass x2   Facebook Page Increased by 700 fans, Twitter increased by 450 Follows, newsletter increased by 150, “booked blogs that get awesome traffic and have a lot of avid readers”
Schiel & Denver book publishing, editing, marketing, printing, distribution Fail   Ripoff Report

“I did not get one on one author support.  I did not get a quality product.  I did not get the immediate response that they promised.  As a matter fact, every time I called the main line and requested to speak to a manager, they were always in a meeting and the call was never returned.”

Shades of Rose YA Tours Fail $7.50, $15 Newer company with small following, had trouble filling tours, do refund when cannot fill tour.
Sizzling PR Tours Pass -1

Fail -1

$15 -$75 “Nice people and very affordable.”

“90% of the blogs were adult blogs/romance/erotica for a YA book”

Smith Publicity Var. Neut.   “Stellar results, high prices.”
Trafford Publishing

*See also: Author Solutions

Self-publishing, marketing, bookselling/promotion services Fail -1   See Author Solutions (Trafford was acquired by Author Solutions on April 2009.)
Xlibris Self-publishing, marketing, bookselling/promotion services     See Author Solutions


Here are some useful Links: This was a fascinating one on what seems to work/not work for author promotion.

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