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High time for some links!

I haven’t done this in such a long time! Here are some good old-fashioned links for you! I decided to focus on the topic of “Promotion” this time. This looks like a great opportunity to promote! I’m totally signed up! Here is a blog on marketing discussing the AIDA method of promotion. Here is a cool article on a particular etiquett,e problem for promoting authors.  is a good breakdown of how to make good blog posts especially number 3 about post titles! This one had lots of meaty goodness. I followed a lot of his suggestions.

And this one was just funny:

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Claim on Technorati

Q36HVDWT59KC is my code to claim my blog on, an  internet search engine for searching blogs. This was recommended to me in a post I read because my blog traffic seems to be deflating. Check it out!

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