Author Discovery – Inertia: Book One

WARNING: This series is erotica. I’m not a fan of erotica, but I am a fan of sharing books!

Wandering Stars Press

We’re quite proud to be a part of Discover Authors blog hop event, where several authors share each other’s works.  It’s a fun trip from one blog to the next over the next ten days where I’ll be sharing posts by the other authors who are participating.

The book I am taking on this tour of the virtual world is Inertia: Book One, the latest installment in the Parliament of Twilight world. Inertia is best described as a Yaoi-inspired M/M erotic romance with elements of horror, paranormal and a dash of sci-fi, all rolled up into a delicious, twisted adventure.  There is a warning we post on the Parliament of Twilight books and it goes something like this:

Warning: The books set in the Parliament of Twilight world are often more than the average person can handle. Contents may include but are not limited to: beast form sex, angst, spanking…

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