Happy Easter

Happy Easter! This is really the most important holiday for Christians. Why is that? You thought Christmas was our big bash? Nope. (Jesus’ birthday was just more commercially lucrative and so gets the biggest boost in the ads.) In a way, I’m really glad this holiday has been downplayed in the commercial industry. It would be inappropriate.

Easter is the remembrance of the whole point of my faith and the faith of any Christian. I believe that I was lost in my evil and the evil of humankind. I believe Jesus Christ died to take the punishment for my evil and the evil of the world and reunite everyone with him. I believe that I can’t earn this myself or pay the price aside from my own annihilation. I believe and that is enough.  I believe that He defeated death and rose again.

Nothing about my faith means anything without this event. Easter is the celebration of the defeat of death!

Normally I wouldn’t get all religious on you guys, but this is really important to me and I thought you should know. If you read my writing, you’ll see its influence.

He has risen!

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