First it’s work, and then it’s work.

I learned some interesting things about Word this week, and I’m grumpy about it. I’m the kind of gal who only learns things out of necessity. Fortunately for my brain there is plenty of necessity. I learned about Sections in a document (Snooze!) and I learned about image resolution and conversion from Word to CreateSpace. I managed not to gouge out my eyes.

But I learned it and I think I have my manuscript cleaned up enough to pass the review. The Interior Reviewer is loading now and…the rassafrakin thing doesn’t like the image on page 44…still. Ugh! If you see a Toshiba laptop launching into orbit, you’ll know whose it is.

My advice to you writers: don’t learn it unless you need to. It’s all useless information that will be outdated in ten minutes anyway. The programs are designed, and rightfully so, to do all the ugly work for you. The level of complexity only compounds after that.

Now I’m going to mess with images again. Ugh!

Soon it will be all over and I can start smashing my head into my keyboard over promoting instead of formatting.

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6 thoughts on “First it’s work, and then it’s work.

  1. Karon McCulloch

    Love it! I had to learn a lot about all kinds of programs while I was working and it still floats around in my brain altho its mostly obsolete.

    • I know, right? I didn’t mean to be so negative in this article, but I got another error message again right while I was writing. There are always new errors no matter how cool the program is.

  2. I use Word at work, but my specialty is Excel. It took me a couple tries to work out that CreateSpace template. Do not delete any unneeded sections until you’ve loaded in everything then saved it – that’s when you can start taking out the extra sections.or it becomes a Sisyphean, fist-shaking task.

    • Yes! It seemed like I would fix one issue and gain two more. Some Createspace forums helped a lot with what could be wrong and I discovered that I had ended up with all low-res pictures, so I had to re-do all of them.

  3. Dear Kate, you are one incredible trooper! Best best wishes!

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