I’ve been accepted as the Seattle Writing Examiner! Here is my very first article: http://www.examiner.com/article/preconceptions-about-self-publishing-and-promotion

I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out and maybe even subscribe to it! I’ll get credit for every view and I’d love to get established writing for Examiner.

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7 thoughts on “Examiner!

  1. Heck yeah consider it done, let me go subscribe to it.

  2. Congrats, Kate! Hang in there and if writing for Examiner is what you really want to do, you’ll do great. I will tell you this from experience…totally different animal than writing novels. Don’t let anyone walk over you and when you read one of your articles, if you find that the night editor changed some of your wording, be polite as possible when informing them not to change your own voice too much. Columns are more fun because you have more control over the way you write your pieces. But no matter what, keep the experience as positive and enjoyable as you can. Best of luck as an author and journalist. Go get ’em, girl! 🙂

  3. How exciting, congrats Kate. And, as intheAMDay said, (and because I’m a journalist by day ^^) it’s completely different from fiction yes, but they are still many ways to make sure your voice isn’t lost. I wish you well with it :D!

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