Not my cup of coffee, but it could be yours!

I saw a great idea on some book reviews recently! The reviewer provided the authors of books they didn’t enjoy with an option to promote without a review, but a “not my cup of tea, but it might be yours” rating. Bonnie Lamer has an entire page just for authors who were brave enough to ask, though she didn’t like their books:

I’m going to start this policy! If you submit your book to me and the review isn’t what you like, you can ask to have a straight promo instead on my “Not my cup of coffee” page.

If you have gotten an unsatisfactory review from me in the past that I didn’t post and would like to be on the page, please let me know and I’ll include you.

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8 thoughts on “Not my cup of coffee, but it could be yours!

  1. I like this idea, Kate! Integrity.

  2. I don’t accept books to review — I review from what I read and have purchased myself or at a minimum won in a contest from someone’s blog. Books I haven’t read or books I can’t give an unqualified recommendation, never make it to my blog. I did have someone ask me to go to Amazon and other sites and post reviews for them–I’ll promote someone like crazy for an excellent book–but I’ll only do it on my own terms.

    • Reviews are sometimes the only way for a self-published author or an author from a smaller publishing company can get noticed. I accept requests for reviews to give them a chance over the books with the enormous advertising budget and shelf-space at Barnes and Noble. I also pick up books myself, download freebies, and have won some books.
      I am less likely to post a bad review about a book that I picked on my own. Nobody asked my opinion about it so I don’t tend to give it.

  3. Love the idea. Even with a not-so-great review, the reviewer is still recommending it (so to speak).

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