Book Title Contest!


I need to change the title of my upcoming book, currently titled How to Win Friends and Influence Magicians, and I need your help!

Enter your best suggestion for my book title as a comment on this blog post, or tweet it to me @KPtwitrnovel and I’ll enter your suggestion.

Tweet: @KPtwitrnovel should call her new book “[your title]”

The winner of the contest will get a signed paperback and/or ebook copy of The Book, a mention in the book Acknowledgments, and a blog post about you in the subject of your choice (within reason) during my Virtual Release Party in August!

Here is how the contest will go:

Round 1:
I’ll choose the titles I like out of your suggestions today and Saturday
Round 2: 
I’ll post a poll for you to vote on your top 5 titles, Monday-Wednesday
Round 3: 
My Think Tank will vote for the top 2 titles Thursday
Round 4:
I’ll pick my favorite of the 2 on Friday, email the winner, and post the winner on my blog.

Synopsis, trailer video, and excerpt is here:

Here is a glossary of terms from the book you are welcome to use to craft your title:

Convergence = the united global nation of Teimnydduus

Skupdyn = a regular person, nonmagical

Sproo = a nickname for SPRU, the Seattle Pacific Regional University

Teimnydduus = People and a people group who are able to manipulate Tximar and use it to manipulate Txen

Teimnydd = The Txen of a Teimnyddus, used to manipulate the world around them. (it’s also the name of a neighborhood in denver)

Txenarjuma = tapestry of energy

Txenar = energy thread

Tximarshu = river of life power

Tximar = free-flowing life power

Tximonni = life power fortune

Vrevzirma = Time Sight

Vrevzirmaocht = time seer

Vyxheuus = pocket dimension

Vyxhepiocht = user of pocket dimension

Ysizao = controlling spirit

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11 thoughts on “Book Title Contest!

  1. Wish I could participate, Kate! You always manage to offer some fun.
    Best wishes!

  2. May I ask, why are you changing the title? 🙂

    • Oh, I thought I put that in the post. My hubby was a bit worried about title legality and whether we could get sued.

      • You mean, about that bestselling book? Hm, I see why he was worried. What a bummer, I loved that title! 🙂

      • Well, we’ll see about the contest and how it goes. Maybe we’ll keep it after all. There are a lot of works named similar to that book, after all. (I googled it.)

      • Ah! I didn’t realize that. Good luck!

  3. Kate,
    What about:
    “Been there, magicked that, got the t-shirt” ?
    Also a bit overused in a sense but I couldn’t help noticed the emphasis on T in the names.

  4. I forgot to say: at least here in Australia (and it may be true in the US too), you can’t copyright a title.

    • Not true here. People are suit-happy here. Corporations sue simply to prove that they “protect their brand name”.

  5. Tima Maria Lacoba

    Yes, it’s a pity you can’t keep your original title. I like it, too. But, I guess to be on the safe side it’s best to have an alternative. Great idea, to open it up to a contest. Mmmmm… I’ll have to put my little grey cells to work!

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