I have reached the “playing solitaire” level on my Me, Sleep, Caffeine, and Writing scale this week, and I have executed an anniversary, two birthdays, a dentist appointment, a well-child checkup (with shots), and a jog-a-thon. This afternoon I have a double-playdate of 7-year-old girls (totalling 3) and then a date with my hubby. Tomorrow I have a 4-year-old birthday party with 25 guests (4 of his friends+family and other adults). Sunday I deserve Mother’s day!!!

Needless to say, I had to snag a minute to get this written. I’m not neglecting you. I just have “magnet week” where everything in my life jams into a few days. You know, all that “real life” stuff. Any extra un-crazy minutes will be spent writing and posting Horarium chapters and reading for reviews, I promise.

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3 thoughts on “Hurng!

  1. Solitaire stage (I went back to look)? That’s pretty bad…
    Happy Mother’s Day, Kate!

  2. Sleep is important. :0)
    Have a good week, Kate!

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