Beginning My Journey As A Self-Published Author

Why did I decide to self-publish? I guess the basic answer to that was that it was easiest at the place I am in my life. With three kids, I wasn’t prepared for lots of travel or meetings, which could result from getting published. I could wait until my youngest went to school, or I could start now on my own.
I couldn’t do it without my laptop and my tech and web savvy hubby. Don’t try this if the internet seems like a fathomless jungle to you. To succeed, I have read in every blog and website on self-publishing I could find, you need to self-promote.
I really wouldn’t have finished any books without my laptop. If I had to do it all with actual paper and a clunky typewriter, it never would have happened. My laptop makes everything easy and I can see, over the top of the monitor, what kind of trouble my kids are getting into. (This is vital).
My hubby researched and so did I. I looked up Amanda Hocking’s blog. Hearing the self-publishing story from a new sensation in Amazon Kindle ebooks, I thought, “I can do that!”
I am really excited right now because the grind is over and I am ready to risk it!
At the end of each installment of my saga, I’ll insert a link or two (or more) from places I liked with good advice. My “Publishing” folder in my web browser favorites is packed and growing.
Here you go:
I put it in the “links” section too.

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