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Virtual Release Party Guest: Nadia Riell


Author Nadia Riell was the winner of the Book Title Contest back in June. She won a slot in this Release Party! So, may I present a beloved friend:



Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential


A Conversational Book of Inspirations by Nadia Riell

Living life whether you’re growing up, already grown up or also in the role of parenting, is certainly not a perfect science.  There isn’t a “one size fits all” formula to follow in order to achieve success or happiness in life, yet most of us want to achieve it. 

So begins this intentionally compact collection that mirrors the short conversations and simple words that can inspire our lives, from children to adults.  As love, friendship, choices and experiences we face impact our world, they are also thought provoking in how we view the world and see ourselves in it.

Refreshing like a quick hug, smile or a pat on the back, this book offers encouragement and joy for reaching potential through life’s lessons, hopes and dreams.


About the Author

Nadia Riell is author of Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life, Perspectives on Love, Encouragement and Reaching Potential; as well as an inspirational stories columnist for Also a film and media stylist, Nadia’s worked for companies such as Disney and DreamWorks.She loves discussing stories from culture, films and books, as well as the ever present questions surrounding Sam eating green eggs and ham. Nadia and her family live in Washington State where they spend time enjoying the beach, the outdoors, and good stories.


Visit Nadia’s website: for book and column information.

Contact Information:


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Virtual Release Party: Win on Amazon

Just a reminder: One person who “likes” Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic on Amazon will win a free ebook. Also, one person who “tags” Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic on Amazon will win a free ebook (Yes, you can do that without owning it.) If that wasn’t enough, one person who clicks “This was Helpful” on a review of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic on Amazon will win a free ebook.

Here is the the Kindle ebook and the paperback (The links are crazy long so I just embedded them. These separate pages will be combined at some point when Amazon gets to it.)

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Virtual Release Party: Win on Facebook



Just a reminder: Those who like Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic  and/or Kate Policani on Facebook between Oct 26th and Oct 28th will be entered for a chance to win one of 3 free ebooks. 1 entry for each page liked!

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Virtual Release Party Guest Artist: Matthew Swegsda

Matthew Swegsda

Book Trailer Music

Matthew Swegsda is the fabulous musician who supplied the music for the book trailer for Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic. I discovered this 27-year-old Scottish singer/songwriter’s music on and it fit perfectly. I think it has just the right tone and style.

Learn more about Matt:

Matt’s Youtube channel:

Matt’s music on Soundcloud:

Matt’s debut track on Youtube:

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Book Release Ideas

Book Release Ideas. An Examiner article.

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Virtual Release Party: The Terminology of the Convergence


At SPRU, Colleen learns some pretty crazy terms for amazing things she didn’t think existed.

Glossary of Terms

Mag-O – The nickname for Colleen’s Dorm

Skupdyn – A regular person, nonmagical

Sproo – A nickname for SPRU, Seattle Pacific Regional University

Teimnydduus – People who can manipulate Tximar and use it to manipulate Txen

Teimnydd – The Txenar of a Teimnyddus, used to manipulate the world around them

Txenarjuma – Tapestry of energy

Txenar – Energy thread

Tximarshu – River of life power

Tximar – Free-flowing life power

Tximonni – Life power fortune, a tendency for events to progress to benefit a Teimnydduus because of positive Teimnydd energy

Vrevzirma – Time Sight, the ability to see the future

Vrevzirmaocht – Time seer, one who has the ability to see the future

Vyxheuus – Pocket dimension, a small dimension outside our own

Vyxhepiocht – User of pocket dimension

Ysizao – Controlling spirit of unknown nature that responds to spells

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Virtual Release Party: The Fabulous Five


What is the Fabulous Five?

It’s a way to win a paperback of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic! One person who completes the “Fabulous Five”, five different ebook-winning activities, will win a paperback.

The activities you can participate in are:

Do any of these five things and get five entries for an ebook and one for a paperback. Fabulous!

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Virtual Release Party: Tima Maria Lacoba’s review

Are you ready for another review? Tima’s review is live now. Thank you Tima for the review!

Please visit Tima’s review here:

For the last seventeen years Tima taught English and History in a high school in southern Sydney. Before taking up teaching she was a practicing archaeologist, working on several digs around the world.

Two years ago she resigned teaching and surrendered to the itch of writing. After many years of reading and correcting students’ creative writing tasks and essays, she decided it was time to write her own.

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Virtual Release Party: Review by Laura Pfundt


Review by Laura Pfundt

A big thank you to Laura Pfundt for a generous review! Please read Laura’s review here:

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Virtual Release Party: Kathleen Firstenberg

Editor feature:

Kathleen Firstenberg

Kathleen is the illustrious editor of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic as well as The Lustre. God willing, she’ll be the editor of many more of my books! Kathleen is a funny and clever gal who I met here in Seattle, but who has since moved to California and then Las Vegas. It’s a good thing she’s flexible! That benefited my writing this time too, because I tried a completely new style for me. She did a fantastic job and I really appreciate all her hard work.

Kathleen has been editing for more than 8 years and earned a University of Washington Extension Editing Certificate in 2009. She has written and edited accreditation documents and manuals, and edited content for and the Mars Hill Ballard blog. She has beautified writing of all kinds from  term papers, resumes, a policy and procedure manual to the parenting book Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life  in addition to her fabulous work on The Lustre and Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic.

Her thoughts on her career: “I like to edit all kinds of writing, from instruction manuals to novels. I love that I learn a little bit about a wide variety of subjects, such as education, theology, sociology, the medical industry, parenting, mythical creatures, etc. (This is one of the best things about being a freelancer…I know a little about a lot, haha!)”

Kathleen enjoys reading, traveling, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with friends and family. She lives with her husband and two children in Newport Beach, California. (I can also always get her to forward snarky photos on Facebook about grammar and the English language!)

For more information and to hire her (hypnotic suggestion), visit her site!

Please read her review of Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic here:




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Virtual Release Party: Rebecca Graf’s Review


Review by Rebecca Graf: A Book Lover’s Library

Thank you, Rebecca, for the lovely review! I’m glad you were finally able to connect with the main character and that you enjoyed the book!

Please read Rebecca’s review here:

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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic Release – 1 Week

Only one week until the Virtual Launch Party!

Were you thinking of participating but weren’t sure? Now is your chance! Visit the party page to see how you can join in. Guests of all kinds are welcome, and I’ll announce your guest posts via the party page and my blog.

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You Are Invited: Virtual Release Party for Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

You are cordially invited

to the Virtual Release Party for Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic.

This online soiree will feature contests, giveaways, freebies, featured reviewers, guest books, and a great celebration of the people who made the first book of my first series possible.

Yes, it’s all online! Visit when you like, participate, and have fun, all without any tiresome travel or diet-busting treats. Anything you want to know about what’s happening is right here:

The party will last for three days from Oct 26-28 here at Please join in the fun!

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Put On Your Kickin’ Shoes

We are live with my Kickstarter campaign! This one is more chill than my previous campaign, and more of a pre-order platform than anything else. There are several ways you can get your hands on my digital pre-release copy without committing to a pre-review. I have Day-of-release paperback options as well as some fancy stuff.

If you want to buy my book, I’d encourage you to go this route because you can get things earlier, and because you get a discount! If you want more swag, I’ve got it there too. (I do still believe firmly in the 99 cent ebook, but I’m going to start my book at $2.99 so I can discount it later and boost sales.)

If you are interested in pre-reviewing my book, you don’t need to buy it. I’ll send you the e-copy as soon as Kathleen has finished her fabulous editing magic on it. Email me to get on my pre-review list.

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Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you for joining me in my Virtual Launch Party! Special thanks to all the awesome folks who participated! Remember to visit their sites and comment to win books.

This is the last official post of the party. Please participate up until 12:00am to win prizes. I’ll post the results tomorrow, so cross your fingers!

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